Hi I'm Jeff

I work on figuring out how to go from raw data from next generation sequencing machines to results, turning public genomic data into clinically useful tools, and understanding how people use data analysis in real life.

I do statistical research, write data analysis software, curate and create data sets, write a blog about statistics, teach people here at Hopkins, teach a lot of people online, and work with amazing students who go do awesome things. If you want to, come do stuff with me

If you want to keep up with everything we are working on, follow me on Twitter @jtleek. The best way to contact me is my gmail account (I do not check my JHU email at all), or you can call me at my office 410-955-1166 (fair warning I have answered that phone ~3 times total since 2009), send me a fax 410-955-0958 (for real, fax is still a thing?!), or if you still use the pony express you could send me a letter at:

Johns Hopkins University
Bloomberg School of Public Health
Office E3624
615 North Wolfe Street
Baltimore, MD 21205-2179