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5/14/2013: slides

5/9/2013: slides

5/7/2013: slides

5/6/2013: slides

4/30/2013: slides

4/25/2013: slides




4/9/2013: slides

4/2/2013: slides

4/1/2013: slides

3/28/2013: slides

3/14/2013: slides

3/12/2013: slides

3/7/2013: slides

3/5/2013: slides

2/21/2013: slides

2/18/2013: slides

2/14/2013: Data Analysis Two Posted (see below)

2/14/2013: slides

2/12/2013: slides

2/7/2013: slides

2/5/2013: slides

1/31/2013: slides

1/29/2013: slides

1/24/2013: slides

1/22/2013: Thanks to David and Jean-philippe who found a typo in the pre-assignment. It is updated (and hopefully right now).

1/22/2013: Welcome to class!


753 google doc

754 google doc

Lecture notes

course motivation: notes, repo

structure of a data analysis (part 1): notes, repo

structure of a data analysis (part2): notes, repo

randomness and parameters: notes

getting data (part1): notes, repo

getting data (part2): notes, repo

organizing a data analysis: notes, repo, example

estimating equations: notes

glms: notes1, shorter notes

binary/multiway tables notes

model checking: notes

manipulating data: notes

working with strings notes

eda plotting notes

eda hierarchical clustering notes

eda kmeans clustering notes

eda svd notes

eda clustering example notes

smoothing (rafa) notes, R script

svd (vadim) notes

bootstrap notes, notes2

multiple testing/regularized regression: notes, notes2

em algorithm: notes

introducing vector outcomes: notes

gee: notes

introducing prediction: notes

cross validation: notes

stuff from bruce: be more reckless, bigchaos solution, heritage health prize, milestone 1

prediction functions: notes

basic prediction theory: notes

model selection {via hcb}: notes

smoothing {via hcb}: notes

r packages: notes

smoothing: notes

analysis flow: notes,exampleProject.zip

In-class projects

5/14/2013:in class, folder

5/8/2013: in class

4/30/2013:in class

4/16/2013:in class, gee.R

4/1/2013: in class

3/7/2013: assignment, (ignore the date)

2/18/2013: assignment

1/22/2013: Bring your data to class.

1/24/2013: data

1/29/2013: work on data analysis 1

2/5/2013: assignment, example solution (rmd)


1/22/2013: Pre-assignment link

1/29/2013: Data Analysis One link

2/14/2013: Data Analysis Two link

4/1/2013: 754 Assignment One link

4/16/2013: 754 Assignment Two link, tex

Final project

5/3/2013: Project